What alternative sports do exist?

Football, tennis, boxing, hockey, basketball have long been leaders in popularity and financial power. Athletes in these disciplines receive not only millions in fees, but also worldwide fame.
In their shadow, there are inconspicuous disciplines that are taking their first steps on the path to fame. So, after many years, mountain biking, surfing, skeleton, parkour and skateboarding joined the so-called “sports elite”. These disciplines rose from the bottom due to the rapid popularity among the masses.

Alternative disciplines, such as swimming in the mud, throwing mobile phones or egg-fighting, are living their lives and increasing day by day.

What is egg multisport competition?

The homeland of this competition is England and it dates back to 1332, when a flood between the monastery and the village formed a river. According to legend, the peasants began to throw eggs from two opposite shores. Currently, this sport has four directions: throwing at accuracy and range, egg in a spoon and Russian roulette.
This is laughable even among the British, because eggs are used raw, and they are often broken on the heads of participants. If you think this is a provincial discipline, you are wrong. Since 2006, the World All-Around Championships have been held in the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is special about racing on lawn mowers?

This is a kind of motorsport in which participants drive on lawn tractors. From the outside it looks pretty funny, but the competition is still very popular. This discipline is quite dangerous, but is officially registered as a sport in the United States, Great Britain and Australia.
In 2015, in Norway, one of the racers of the competition managed to accelerate his lawn mower to 133.57 miles per hour.

In which countries are Buzkashi engaged?

This game is widespread in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and resembles polo on horseback. However, a decapitated animal is used instead of a ball.
Participants dressed in leather jackets and fur hats behave quite aggressively. For example, the rules allow the opponent to knock out teeth and pierce eyes. Buzkashi competitions have been held for the last eight centuries. Some Central Asian schools also teach Buzkashi and hold competitions.

Is there a Muggle Quidditch in real life?

This game was first described in a series of books about Harry Potter, and has recently become increasingly popular. The first Quidditch teams appeared in 2005 at Middlebury College in the United States. And since 2012, competitions of Quidditch World Cups have been held annually.
Quidditch competitions are most often held on campuses. Quidditch is a great chance for the simple to be able to make his dream come true and join the world of sorcery, taking a broom not only during cleaning.