What is pilates history?

Pilates arose as a system for rehabilitating people after injuries. Now it is used both for its original purpose and as a regular workout – an alternative to “active” fitness or yoga. This discipline is most often chosen by those who want to improve their health and / or lose weight, but are not in the mood for building muscle mass.
Regular work will help you feel the “Pilates effect”. You will tighten your muscles, lower your shoulders, lengthen your neck, lift your chest and straighten your posture. By the end of the lesson, your spine will be elongated, your stomach toned, and your body free and light.

What are the advantages of Pilates classes?

It is the safest system of physical activity allowing you to solve almost all problems in the physical condition of the body.
First of all, when choosing Pilates, you need to know that the fruitfulness of training depends on how you will be set up for a positive result. If you and the trainer are on the same wavelength, the effectiveness of the training will be amazing. After a certain time, changes in the figure and state of mind will already be noticeable.
The complex of classes is focused on honing the figure, gymnastics, and health. This activity has several principles, including:

  • tracking and maintaining even breathing;
  • focus on the process;
  • the calm rhythm;
  • regularity.

This is a sport that cannot be practiced without the practical advice of a coach. The instructor will develop a set of techniques suitable for a particular person, especially if experience in this area is zero

What is special about Pilates?

Pilates considered the body as an integral complex, the parts of which should interact optimally, and therefore the effect of classes is manifested in all aspects of life.

It has about 500 various techniques – everyone will be able to compose a training system in such a way as to solve their specific tasks: tighten the stomach, remove fat deposits on the hips, and develop flexibility. Its classes are especially indicated for women: preparation for childbirth, the ability not to interrupt classes during pregnancy, quick recovery of shape are just some of the advantages of this system. And its effectiveness can be confirmed by longtime fans of Pilates – Madonna, Jessica Lange, Sigourney Weaver.

It is not necessary to conduct exhausting workouts to lose weight – Pilates exercises involve the muscles of the abs, hips and the whole body. The undoubted advantage is that activities do not give instant weight loss, but allow the body to start the metabolism and maintain the result for a long time. It is believed that just 10 minutes of activities a day will decrease your weight, but you need to additionally completely change your eating habits and include healthy foods in your daily menu.